Vgo Software

I started Java-hair to share my thoughts on music, technology, programming and whatever else I might think of. My business expertise includes financial services, media and pharmaceuticals where I’ve worked with companies such as The Hartford, Nielsen Media and Pfizer, Inc. At those companies I worked on key projects specializing in internet and intranet applications.

In 2001, I helped found NEOS LLC, which is now a business consulting and technology services firm that specializes in holistic modernization, enterprise data and business operations consulting. Wow, that is quite the mouthful, isn’t it?  The gist of it is that we help businesses modernize their processes and/or technology and it includes data because what’s an enterprise system without data?

As CTO, I envisioned the Vgo product set to give a small consulting firm like NEOS a tool that would give us a competitive edge. Vgo ultimately developed into a sister company of NEOS. Vgo’s products and offerings are based on real-world experience from hands-on projects delivered to clients.

Vgo has been fortunate enough to work with clients around the world in modernizing enterprise applications. We have built software, Evo and ART, which provides efficiency to modernization efforts. My ongoing experiences with Vgo and NEOS provide the, hopefully interesting, insights that I share on this blog.

In an effort to keep posts coming, while I am busy working my day job, you will occasionally see posts from other members of the NEOS/Vgo teams.  So if something posted here is misspelled, factually incorrect, or wrong in some other way, I blame them because it could not possibly have been me.